AWA Philosophy

Every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment
in which to experiment, learn, and develop craft

In AWA Workshops, you will find a safe and supportive environment in which to write. Whether you are a brand new writer or a seasoned professional, the AWA method will give you the opportunity to write several times in each session. Because this is “new work”, just created and not edited or refined, it often comes most directly from the heart. All shared writing is treated with respect and honor.


In my workshops, everything we write (and yes, as your mentor, I will write right alongside you and share as well) is treated as fiction to keep the focus on the writing, rather than the personal life of the writer. The workshop becomes a sacred space where all writing is kept confidential, based on the basic AWA principles about privacy and stories. Putting these principles into practice yields a very powerful workshop experience, unlike others you may have had. Although writing through this method is not therapy, it has great transformative and healing potential.

In addition to prompt writing workshops for writers of all levels, I also offer critique groups for more experienced writers.

Upcoming classes

Newbury Library Writers' Workshop, September 17-November 5, 2021


Betje N. Newbury, MA

"Diane leads from a place of enthusiastic encouragement and affirmation. She offers meaningful insight into tone, structure and innovation in writing. While respecting the individual path to giving voice, she teaches thematically about a variety of stylistic concepts. The writing prompts she selects are enticing, and allow for probing personal exploration. Kudos to her!"

Prompts to try at home

Take a prompt and write for ten minutes.  Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. That comes later. Just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write without destination. You might be surprised by what comes up if you don’t allow the inner critic to interfere!





what i noticed today

describe a conversation you wish you'd never had


a surprising phonecall