Writing support FOR TEENS


Students need to be able to write clear, coherent essays. My approach in private tutoring is to help students access their own writer’s voice in both narrative and expository writing. I teach students to adhere to the requirements of academic writing, which include solid organization of ideas, writing a debatable thesis statement and integrating topic sentences, as well as finding and analyzing textual evidence.  

College Essays 

Colleges often know which essays have been over-edited by adults, as the unique voice and experience of the high school student can be lost. My goal when aiding students with college essay writing is to help them find a topic or experience about which they are passionate and can write personally. While I do help with obvious issues in essay structure and editing, I am very clear about ensuring that the writing is the student’s, and not overly influenced by me or any other adult.


Patti S. Arlington, MA

"Diane has worked with my daughter since the fourth grade, and she is now a junior in high school. She was a shy girl who didn't think she could write, and Diane has helped her achieve A's in her classes and a recommendation for honors English. We couldn't be more grateful!"